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Environmental & Wetland Assessment & Replication

Many of the sites that John G. Crowe Associates, Inc. becomes involved with have wetlands associated with them. We identify and assess these resources and attempt to capitalize on their value in planning and designing a site. Our site design process reflects our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of state and federal wetland systems and regulations. We meet with local Conservation Commissions and, as appropriate, state and federal agencies early in the design process so that we may understand their concerns before we proceed with detailed design.

Where impacts to wetlands are involved, we construct new wetlands to not only replicate those that have to be altered, but also to attenuate project impacts from diffuse pollutants generated from storm water runoff and other activities associated with developed areas. For years, our firm has been in the forefront of designing and constructing such wetlands in the region, especially for large industrial and commercial projects.

The success of our wetland replication projects can be attributed to careful design, anticipation of agency requirements and concerns, tight monitoring of specifications and construction, as well as post-construction follow-up to obtain compliance of built conditions. We pay close attention to the soil type, ground water level and vegetative species selected, in order to maintain the proper growing conditions for sustaining a new wetland or to avoid impacts to existing wetlands.

John G. Crowe Associates, Inc. offers a full range of wetland-related services, beginning with field identification of wetlands and wetland resource areas and flagging of wetlands, coordination of topographic surveys, design of mitigation programs and wetland systems, and long-term monitoring. If required, we coordinate wildlife studies and more detailed functional studies such as assessment and evaluation of vernal pool habitat. We develop realistic mitigation programs that benefit the Owner and can be approved in a timely fashion by affected agencies.