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Master Planning - Strategic Planning for Site Development

For many years, John G. Crowe Asscociates, Inc has provided a specialized services to major corporate clients and developers to assess existing site conditions for a particular site and the effects that site and environmental permits have on the length of time and developability of that particular site.  After the initial assessment is conducted, a strategic timeline for planning and permitting is developed.  This specialized service was developed to respond to a client's need to determine whether a site they intend to purchase or develop can be permitted and constructed within the timeframe required to meet optimal market conditions or critical occupancy requirements.  Timely permitting is often the most critical factor in  the successful development of a particular site.  Our in-house design, engineering, wetlands and permitting specialists and the experience we have in the arena allow us to thoroughly address and meet the critical time requirements associated with this issue.

Our Master Planning services, which are in addition to the above strategic planning process, extend to a much greater functional depth than many master plans.  The Owner's needs and devlopment program are thoroughly tested with regards to site and environmental character, utility infrastucture, transportation infrastructure, physical site constraints (topography, wetlands, drainage, etc.), plotical and regulatory issues and other factors unique to the development program.  After extensive dialogue with the Owner and the other key parties has occured, the final Master Plan is prepared, along with a thorough permitting analysis with associated timelines for approval of the program.

We have provided ongoing services for permitting and site construction documents for almost 100% of the Master Plans that we have developed.  The timely completion of the projects and the repeat services requested by our clients are testimony to the success of our Master Planning process.